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Magic Station

Elevating the Shopping Experience

in Your Mall

What is
Magic Station?

Magic Station is a groundbreaking retail platform designed to captivate shoppers with its futuristic design, featuring dazzling holographic displays and ambient lighting. This innovative concept hosts a trio of unique vending machines - the Balloon BOT, Mr. POP, and Space Marshmallow, each offering a distinctive, enjoyable product. As Magic Station prepares to make its mark in premier malls nationwide, including an expansive launch in over 50 locations in partnership with Simon Properties, it promises to bring a new dimension of shopping delight and interactive engagement to your space.

Why Magic Station is Perfect for Your Mall

Draw and Captivate Shoppers

The allure of Magic Station's innovative design and interactive features is undeniable, promising to attract shoppers and encourage extended visits, enhancing foot traffic throughout your mall.

Flexible and Efficient

Designed with versatility in mind, Magic Station can be seamlessly integrated into various mall layouts, ensuring optimalvisibility without compromising the existing retail ecosystem.

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A Fresh
Retail Concept

Magic Station introduces an entirely new retail dimension to your mall, complementing existing stores and enriching the shopper's journey with its unique vending experiences.

Elevated Shopping Experience

By integrating advanced technology with retail, Magic Station offers an unforgettable interactive experience, distinguishing your mall as a hub of innovation and excitement.


Balloon BOT


LED lighting in color chaser style

6 types of designed balloons

variety of balloon designs (animals, transportation, characters, etc.)

Power: 110V/220V 16-20 amp

Payment System: Includes a bill acceptor, Nayax       credit card reader, and coin changer

Production Speed: 30 seconds

Features: security camera, sensors, sound system, touch screen, tracking app, and more

Capacity: nearly 200 balloons

Dimensions: L3.35 * W3.02 * 7.28 ft / L1.02 * W0.92 * 2.22 m

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Mr. Pop


3 types of lollipop robots

3 flavours: Cola, cherry, blueberry

Music and Roulette

Power: 110V - 50W

Payment System: Includes a bill acceptor OR Nayax credit card reader OR coins OR Game Card (1 only)

Production Speed: 20 seconds per game

Features: control the settings of winning chances and playing time

Capacity: 100 Lollipops

Dimensions: L: 2.68 * W: 2.33 * H: 5.14 ft / L: 0.82 * W: 0.71 * H: 1.57 m


Marshmallow Spaceship


5 Marshmalow shapes


Space designs


Different colors and flavors

Power: 110V - 3 amp

Payment System: Includes a bill acceptor, coins, Nayax credit card

Production Speed: 20 seconds

Features: Sound system, operating handle, tracking app, and more

Capacity: Up to 120 sales

Dimensions: H: 5.64 * D: 2.46 ft / H: 172 * D: 75 cm

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Robust Nationwide Support

Our dedicated team, including more than 20 full-time technicians and access to over 1000 skilled professionals through our partner network, ensures Magic Station operates flawlessly, maintaining the high standards your mall is known for.

Transform Your Mall Today

Welcome Magic Station into your space and introduce a novel dimension of retail wonder to your mall. This innovative platform is more than just a vending experience; it's a portal to the future of shopping that promises to attract visitors, boost shopper interaction, and establish your mall as a forefront of retail innovation. With its captivating design and unique offerings, Magic Station stands ready to redefine the shopping experience, ensuring your mall remains a preferred destination for an unforgettable retail journey.

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